An Apple a day…

My first thought having used Apple Pay on the day it became active in the UK was “cool”. I love new technology and I have been known to make pro-Apple comments in these blogs. My second thought was “that took longer than using a card”. There were 250,000 outlets for Apple Pay in the UK on launch day, and more []


The dictionary defines a meeting as “an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment”. I think that rather underplays the major instigator of meetings, i.e. businesses. Most participants in business are not a committee. Peter Drucker once said “Meetings are a symptom of poor organisation”. But there are legitimate reasons for meetings, []


Some time ago I bought a Raspberry Pi. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it because I don’t fit the intended demographic – which is parents who want a cheap computer for their children to learn to programme without putting the home computer at risk. It was easy to set up, runs a variant of []


Microsoft tell us that Windows 10 will be available from the end of July. They have also added to many Windows 7 and 8 computers a widget inviting you to get into the queue for downloads. My advice would be to wait. In my long experience of managing Windows on desktops and laptops upgrading the operating system beyond the depressingly []

Naked Emperors

In the Hans Christian Anderson story it was a small boy who told the truth as he saw it by proclaiming that the Emperor had no clothes on. Earlier in the story it was explained that only those fit for their position in life were able to see the clothes – which is why the Emperor and his courtiers went []


One of the Gallup Q12 measures of employee satisfaction is how highly you score on “having a best friend at work”. We Brits tend to recoil from such an overt and emotional statement. But, with some interpretation it is possible to think of the benefit of knowing someone who is in the loop to chew over problems. Of course one’s []

The Rest is Silence

I have been doing a lot of client facing work recently. At first glance there is not much commonality between the specific questions I have been asked to advise on. The CIOs I’m working with are intelligent, articulate and successful, so these questions are not trivial concerns. But at their heart there is a point where my differing pieces of []

Trust and Leadership

There is, for people interested in politics like I am, an increasingly fascinating election campaign going on in the UK. It is too close for the pollsters to call, and more than ever the result will be determined by the vote of approximately 90 marginal constituencies. The complexity of the picture is exacerbated by the number of parties standing for []

Flight 4U9525

In these blog posts, I have tried to develop a way of commenting on the news or anything else that caught my eye and somehow maneouvering that to allow me to make a point about IT, and especially the role of the CIO. Not today. The unfolding news of Germanwings flight 4U9525 is too grim for that, especially as so []


As I write this in London, the sun is almost entirely eclipsed by the moon. 85% of the disk is covered. I know this because it has been calculated – a heavy cloud prevents any observation. London is eerily gloomy and the street lights have come back on. Eclipses are quite rare – the next one with 100% coverage (Total []

What is Reality?

My mother has Alzheimer’s disease. She is still in the early phase – memory loss, and some associated confusion but she is still able to live a largely independent life, especially with the incredible support she gets from her friends. And yet, already it is hard to have a meaningful conversation with her – although she enjoys “a chat”, when []

Embedded Intelligence

Recently I was talking with a CIO about the apparently contradictory research showing that even though the “democratization” of computer knowledge appears to be sweeping all before it, many people remain frightened of breaking their computer by doing something wrong. At home this is responsible for the phenomenal success of the Raspberry Pi – it’s so cheap the kids can []
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