Fin de siècle

Returning from holiday things feel a little different. The hedgerows have changed from the dark green of summer to the brown tinged start of autumn, the hawthorn berries a deep red that emphasises that and astonishingly blackberries are everywhere (I mean the fruit of course). All these things act as a reminder that summer is nearing its end. It’s only []

While the cats away.. learn don’t play

There are many joyful consequences of one’s Chief Executive being on holiday, not least I get to engage with our delightful on-line banking platform to to do the digital version of signing the cheques, I get to lead the team meetings etc. And more interestingly, I got an opportunity to review and importantly interact with very early versions of our []


As human beings we gravitate to extremes. The fact we have 24-hour rolling news channels desperately trying make a story out of, frankly, the minutia of life, apart from the few occasions when something big happens, exemplifies this situation all too well. And that is not to make light of recent big news stories, such as the shooting down of []

Far, far away

They say things get clearer the further you are away from them. Phrases such as “being able to see the wood for the trees” is one such statement. I’m in Singapore as I write this, and I can see the UK clearly from here. The first thing is that social media has changed everything; not since I was down here []


It’s interesting how things cluster. Perhaps it’s more psychological than statistically valid but I sense that there are more conversations I’m having with CIOs and others about leadership at present. Leadership is an interesting concept. For example, leadership can be in evidence at all levels of an organisation – it’s not really hierarchical like management, which has a defined scope []


We ran a story in the Daily News last week about one American company whose CIO has been outspoken about why he will never allow a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. His argument is that the employees would make the wrong choice and there are security implications, so he won’t allow it. I like to read these stories from []

CIO Connect App

Many of you know me as a closet techie. Well not so closet, although in my working life I am always looking at business problems to be solved, rather than technologies to be used. At home, it’s rather different… So how do you solve the following problems? A wide community of people exist, all very knowledgeable in slightly different ways []

Is Real Time an illusion?

I write this blog on a train heading south from Edinburgh to London. For various reasons, I needed to buy a ticket last night for this morning’s train, and as usual I used thetrainline app on my iPhone. The transaction was quick and easy, and within seconds I got my Amex alert that my card had been used. I also []

Just because you can…

A story that hit the press last weekend. Spikes have been placed in various locations around some expensive flats to prevent homeless people sleeping there. The action has created a media firestorm from all directions – 9.5m Google hits, last time I looked. Let’s look at the questions this story raises from three perspectives: the homeowners, the people who sleep []

Continuing Relationships

I chaired a CIO Connect discussion in London on how CIOs and CMOs can best work together last week. The participants were roughly evenly split between the two roles and Tony Anderson, who was the first marketing director of easyJet, stimulated the discussion with a thoughtful introduction. I know Tony well; we both sat on the board of The Children’s []


I have a feeling that metadata is going to become much more important – at work and in our everyday lives. Processing power and storage are so cheap now that capturing and using metadata is entirely possible and in the world of info-security will become necessary. By metadata I mean data about data and data about processes, rather than the []


I travel extensively in London and usually, because it’s quicker to get around, on the Tube. For some years now, four or five I would guess, increasing numbers of business commuters have been using rucksacks. This trend started off in a small way, but is now quite extensive. There is a clear advantage of using a rucksack – both hands []
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