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Latest Edition: Summer 2014

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Common People

How to get CMOs and CIOs speaking the same language in order to produce benefits from the rest of the organisation

Steaming Ahead

Byron Thomas explains how he has coached his team and helped transform technology operations at engineering specialist Spirax Sarco


There is only one real thing to write about this week – the CIO Connect Annual conference, which takes place on Wednesday 1 October. That means I can’t write in any detail about the four occasions recently where I have trusted someone to an extent none of us do normally and how each of those people have repaid that confidence []

Are Cloud Vendors Getting 'Too Big To Fail'?

Could financial losses by cloud vendors pose a serious risk to all business customers? Steve Brazier, CEO of Canalsys, has suggested that major players in the cloud industry run the risk of going belly up in hard times, taking customers with them to the brink. Quoted in a Channelonomics piece by Sam Trendall, Brazier suggests that as is the case…

United or Untied?

So Scotland voted to stay part of the United Kingdom by 55% to 45% in favour. This was a long and gruelling campaign which, although it lasted two years, really came alight in the last two weeks – when some hastily made promises were thrown out in a desperate attempt to keep the UK together. Despite the vote being for []

Board Guidance

I facilitated two very different meetings over the past week. Interestingly, both came out with the same conclusion – and it was one that I didn’t expect. The first meeting was a Round Table meeting on the subject of Intelligent Security for the Digital Enterprise. The CIOs were joined by RSA – the security division of EMC – and Accenture. []


As I write, the big story in the news in the UK focuses on the King family, whose five-year-old son Ashya has a brain tumour. In essence, the parents took him against doctors advice from the NHS Hospital where he was being treated. As a consequence, they appeared to be on the run – and as they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, []

Reality Distortion

It has been said of Steve Jobs that he created a ‘reality distortion’ field around him, which also engulfed the people he was talking to. He had such a strong self belief that even against all the available evidence he could convince people to back his idea – whether on the feasibility of cramming too many tasks into too short []

Fin de siècle

Returning from holiday things feel a little different. The hedgerows have changed from the dark green of summer to the brown tinged start of autumn, the hawthorn berries a deep red that emphasises that and astonishingly blackberries are everywhere (I mean the fruit of course). All these things act as a reminder that summer is nearing its end. It’s only []

While the cats away.. learn don’t play

There are many joyful consequences of one’s Chief Executive being on holiday, not least I get to engage with our delightful on-line banking platform to to do the digital version of signing the cheques, I get to lead the team meetings etc. And more interestingly, I got an opportunity to review and importantly interact with very early versions of our []


As human beings we gravitate to extremes. The fact we have 24-hour rolling news channels desperately trying make a story out of, frankly, the minutia of life, apart from the few occasions when something big happens, exemplifies this situation all too well. And that is not to make light of recent big news stories, such as the shooting down of []

Far, far away

They say things get clearer the further you are away from them. Phrases such as “being able to see the wood for the trees” is one such statement. I’m in Singapore as I write this, and I can see the UK clearly from here. The first thing is that social media has changed everything; not since I was down here []


It’s interesting how things cluster. Perhaps it’s more psychological than statistically valid but I sense that there are more conversations I’m having with CIOs and others about leadership at present. Leadership is an interesting concept. For example, leadership can be in evidence at all levels of an organisation – it’s not really hierarchical like management, which has a defined scope []


We ran a story in the Daily News last week about one American company whose CIO has been outspoken about why he will never allow a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. His argument is that the employees would make the wrong choice and there are security implications, so he won’t allow it. I like to read these stories from []