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JLT Group CIO Ian Cohen says social relationships are the key for leaders looking to help a big business innovate and grow
CIOs who want to create new solutions to intractable business challenges must build great relationships and hone their management skils

The power of saying “No”

Customer focus rightly dominates discussions in today’s business climate. Never has there been so much choice of products or suppliers, all readily available either in store or online. There remain some parts of the world where this isn’t true, of course, but it is certainly the case in the advanced east and west. Internal IT has toyed with the idea []

The post-PC keyboard world

We hear a lot about the post-PC world. That phrase actually came about from the launch of iOS 5 and was more about the removal by Apple of the dependence of iPhone and iPads on iTunes for set up than it was about a prediction of the demise of the PC. But the phrase stuck because of the phenomenal success []

Three cheers for Microsoft

As usual, I am using Word to create this blog. But, I am using my iPad too. On Thursday last week Microsoft released Office for iPad and I am using it together with Siri to dictate this blog. Astonishingly, at least to me, these technologies are working together brilliantly and although I’m sitting in a noisy room the dictation quality []


Last week’s blog raised a comment that if the primary reason for meddling is being seen to do something even though the real problem is too hard to fix, then we’re in trouble. To a point. Business-oriented CIOs should start conversations at a different level. I am not a great advocate of endless discussions; someone needs to take a decision, []


I read the news today (isn’t that a Beatles lyric?) that the EU has decided to end the “nightmare” of multiple phone chargers. Instead there is to be one, a standardised EU approved model. This is pointless meddling and it is a “nightmare” that many people won’t recognise as a problem. First, the real problem is not the phones, the []


Two recent events generated very different reactions in me this week. The first was a visit to Innovation Birmingham, where I met the chief executive, David Hardman. I very much enjoyed hearing David’s plans for Innovation Birmingham. With many incubator businesses at start-up stage, David is engaged in generating “innovation without boundaries”, while simultaneously demonstrating that Birmingham has the right []

Genius is rarely able to give account of its own process

My colleague Alistair Russell is one of two people who kindly review my blogs pre-publication. Any errors remain my own, but it is helpful to have someone read and spot anything that doesn’t make sense. Last week Alistair’s comment was “Spot on – strong process within strong leadership is key”. That got me thinking – because I tend to dislike []

A Point of View

As many of you will know, CIO Connect publishes a Point of View for its customers every two weeks. This Point of View covers many of the big issues associated to being a CIO in these interesting times. Issued on one side of A4 and always incorporating a picture or diagram, it is intended to be easy and quick to []

It was only a matter of time…

Today I remembered the old joke about what would happen if Microsoft made cars. Sorry, I’m mentioning Microsoft a lot in my blogs at present. It’s an accident, I assure you. The story came about from Bill Gates talking at Comdex – a good few years ago, I think. Like all such stories, there are several versions, but around 1997 []

So, what would I do?

I prefix this particular blog post by saying that what follows is entirely a personal opinion. That’s why it’s mainly in the first person. That’s usually true with blogs anyway, and there is already an official CIO Connect Point of View on this subject. The topic, of course, is the appointment of Satya Nadella as the third CEO of Microsoft, []


CIO Connect held a Security Special Interest Group meeting last week. It was very well attended and a good discussion ensued. As the attendees were self-selected, they were all interested in furthering the security of their businesses from an IT perspective. I’ve met a number of CIOs recently where security has also come up during our conversations. With cloud-based services, []

Top Right

A colleague who worked for many years in local government once told me the secret of interpreting how the two major political parties in the UK think, and so how to make sense of their commitments and pronouncements on a wide range of matters. This intrigued me, and since he told me the secret, I haven’t been able to put []