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Big data without the big headaches: How to get your strategy right

Big data is big business: analyst Gartner says the amount of chief data officers (CDOs) being appointed by major organisations rose from 400 in 2014 to 1,000 in 2015. The analyst predicts 90 per cent of large companies will have a CDO by 2019. Such CDOs can help firms to focus on the value of analytical information. But all organisations…


CIO Connect is actively supporting Action For Children this year. My colleague Alistair Russell is co-Chair of the North East Byte Night Board and we will be showcasing some of their work in our magazine – the current edition includes a profile of Alan Crawford, the CIO. As a result of this I am more aware of stories about disadvantaged []


In my previous blog I mused on the Wintel decline. The following week Apple added to the tech sector’s woes, with disappointing results based on the first decline of iPhone sales since it was originally released in 2008. This has generated much comment, most of it hyperbolic. If you believe the commentators Apple will be out of business in months. []

Are Wintel’s best days behind them?

Intel and Microsoft both announced disappointing results this week. Microsoft sales are down, and profits more so as they move away from the historically profitable desktop to cloud services. Intel is laying off 12,000 people as a consequence of their own poorer than expected results. To be clear, I am not calling the end of these companies which between them []

How do you define yourself?

I was reading recently about the differences between two economists’ behaviour relating to the 1929 crash. Tim Harford, the “undercover economist”, was telling the story in his inimitable fashion. One, Irving Fisher, is hardly remembered now, and died in penury; the other, John Maynard Keynes, was wealthy and successful and his theories are still very much in consideration today. Neither []


Last weekend marked the start of 12 weeks of campaigning in the UK. The choice in the upcoming referendum is to stay in or to leave the EU. Pedantry causes me to reject the idea that the UK is debating leaving “Europe” – which a geographical construct and not a political one. There is no truth to be discovered in []

Being Direct

Happy New Year. Well, sorry, but it’s been a long time since I blogged and its late January already, so do we still do this?. How many of that type of conversation have you had recently? It’s amazing that nobody seems to know how far into January it remains acceptable to wish people a happy new year, and so we []

Watching Brief

I have now had my Apple Watch for a month. This is not a review of it – there are plenty of those across the web, although some do make me wonder if the author had ever seen the Watch, never mind used one. I have two points to make about Apple’s “most personal device”. Firstly something I didn’t expect []

Software as a Disservice

The Volkswagen emissions scandal remains in the news. I think the reality of this situation has been misinterpreted, and much of the commentary about it is plain wrong. I am not defending what VW did but I think there are much wider implications, and they need discussion, a point which most of the media neither understand nor are currently exploring. []

Embrace Opposition

It has been the political Party Conference season over the past few weeks. First the Liberal Democrats, then Labour and finally, as is traditional for the governing party, the Conservatives. Intermingled amongst those conferences were the minor parties as well. This is not a political blog, and I will not be making any party political points – at least not []

Just what is going on out there?

Fred Trueman was an outstanding bowler and a professional Yorkshireman. After his illustrious Test cricket career (he still ranks 28th in the world on number of Test wickets taken, despite retiring in 1965 when much less cricket was played than today) he became a commentator on Test Match Special (TMS). He was an excellent summariser, but became somewhat caricatured for []

Whose computer is it anyway?

The Guardian reports that Windows 10 for home users will enforce operating system updates. We already know that Windows 10 will be the last big marketing name for the operating system, although engineering releases and service packs will continue. It’s not that enhancements and additions have gone away, they are being handled differently. So my first assumption is that there []